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For more than two decades, IMEC has partnered with hundreds of organizations providing equipment and logistics solutions. Our sponsoring partners are called CHANGEMAKERS, as they are the catalyst for transformation in the communities they serve.

A CHANGEMAKER can be a humanitarian group, organization, or individual. Their role is to collaborate with a dedicated IMEC Project Coordinator to shepherd each project from beginning to end. 

Shepherding a project is central to our work. Without having someone to guide us through the turbulent waters, it’s very hard to get to the destination.
Head Matron of Nursing
KCMC Hospital

The Process


Project Identification

Identify the facility or community in need and confirm the Project Changemaker. IMEC collaborates with Changemakers that are committed to the project and to supporting the community.


Project Assessment

Together the Changemaker and IMEC Project Coordinator assess the need and determine the scope of the project.


Project Proposal

With the assessment complete and the scope established a Project Proposal is developed that details the types and quantities of IMEC Suites necessary to fulfill the needs at hand and the budget required to acquire, assemble and deliver the complete project.


Project Approval

Once funding is secured, a project can be approved for assembly and shipping. Equipment and supplies are refurbished and procured, biomedical training requirements evaluated and established and assembly begins. Simultaneously, Changemakers begin making arrangements with customs agencies and local authorities to ensure smooth, secure and timely shipping and delivery.


Project Shipping and Delivery

Once each IMEC Suite is assembled, the project is ready to be shipped. Documentation is created; shipping arrangements are made; and the container is loaded at IMEC. Once sealed, the container is not opened again until arrival at its final destination where it can be opened, assembled and immediately put into use.

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